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Based in Damascus, Beroia specialises in giving individuals and small groups once-in-a-lifetime experiences of the Levant.

Building on our base in boutique tourism and hotels we have developed know-how and a network of contacts that make us the local experts in customer service, problem solving, and getting things done.

We use our knowledge of the wealth of historical and cultural sites in the region to mould an itinerary to the specific interests, budget, and time constraints of the individual traveler.

We maintain close ties with guides, drivers, hotels, and tour operators, all vetted for excellence in customer service and attention to detail. We also maintain a network of close personal and business contacts with like-minded operators in Jordan and Lebanon, ensuring a continuity of service standards from arrival to departure.

Our close cooperation with Anissa Helou in the development of her hugely popular culinary tours is a case in point. A set of tours has been created allowing travelers to sample Syria’s finest chefs and sweetmakers, restaurants and markets, experiencing for themselves the creation and consumption of one of the world’s great cuisines.

Beroia Travel was set up by May Mamarbachi, in an attempt to fill the gap that she felt existed in both organised and tailor-made tours in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Beroia Travel believes in offering experiences that excite and are truly memorable. In the end it’s what you do on holiday that counts, the unforgettable experiences you have that make up your journey and that remain with you always.

May Mamarbachi has a wealth of experience in the leisure industry having spent over 5 years restoring and converting an old Damascene house, and running it as a luxury boutique hotel; ‘Beit al-Mamlouka’ – the first in Damascus. Beit al-Mamlouka set a standard of attention to detail and service excellence to which all those who have since followed aspire.

After a few years of running the hotel, and being a serial entrepreneur at heart, she was ready for her next venture - ‘introducing Syria and the region to a new way of travel.’ Out has gone the what-to-do list in dated guidebooks, and in its place arrives a-la-carte and off the beaten track travel experiences.