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Lebanon Beirut Byblos / Jbeil Baalbeck Sidon Tyre


The Egyptians were using Lebanese cedar to build their ships 4,000 years ago. The trees are still there, and Lebanon perseveres. The cosmopolitan capital is the perfect base for exploring this small country that hugs the coastal strip between the mountains and the Mediterranean.

In the same day you can visit beaches, vineyards, Crusader castles, and picnic in secluded mountain meadows, watching the sun go down over the ancient temples of Roman Baalbeck - ski at 3,000 metres in the morning, and sample Beirut and the Mediterranean’s best nightlife that evening.

Lebanon’s coast has been contested by empires for thousands of years. Tyre, Sidon, and Jbeil reward their visitors with some of the most picturesque and spectacular examples of the wealth of these civilisations, from Phoenician, to Roman, to the Crusades, to classical and medieval Islam.

The capital is full of theatres, museums, galleries, shops, bars, clubs, and restaurants, and in Gemayze and the rejuvenated Down Town district a visitor can always find a place to eat, drink, and be merry.

Wander the Old Town and find splendid Ottoman architecture nestled in fine French neighbourhoods, exquisitely restored boutique hotels next to the shelled-out remains of a previous generation. The story of Lebanese history and politics is as complex as it is long, but the locals are very open and welcoming, and love a chance to explain the real story.

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