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Kurt     07-01-2010
I'd just like to let you know that (our driver) did a great job looking after us on our recent Syria trip. Both Alan and myself felt that he really made an effort to make our trip memorable.

John     07-01-2010
Thank you very, very much for a splendid trip in which we enjoyed every minute thanks to your perfect organization. Please give my regards to (the driver and guide). Their company was wonderful. What a warm and welcoming people you Syrians are. You make it such a pleasure to visit your beautiful country. The hotels were beyond my expectations, as were the restaurants. What else can I say? That I hope I return soon.

Viena     07-01-2010
I am writing to thank you for all your professionalism and kindness. We had such a lovely time in those 3 countries we visited. The warmth of your people is incredible.

Allen     07-01-2010
I have been meaning ever since returning here to write and thank you for your excellent services for our trip to Syria. Everything happened exactly as you said it would, your level of professionalism was the highest, and the result was that we had an absolutely fabulous look at the wonders of Syria. The hotels particularly in Damascus and Aleppo were splendid - exactly what we had hoped for - and staying at the Zenobia in Palmyra was absolutely perfect. (We) went out for walks in the ruins both in the evening after arriving and first thing in the morning, and our room looked right out over the whole splendid scene. Could not have been better. Special commendations and thanks to our driver. He was much more than just a van operator - nearly a guide. Most importantly, he seemed truly interested in our getting to as many interesting places as possible, and beyond that was always gracious, pleasant and polite. Hang on to that one! Altogether a great performance by your organization. The best form of recognition is recommendation to others and repeat engagements. We certainly are recommending you to others we are encouraging to visit Syria.

Cherise & Christian    06-01-2010
We had such a terrific visit to syria, that we are floating along! Our many thanks to you for organizing such a splendid trip and for your numerous efforts on our behalf! Our visit to Palmyra (worth the drive!) and Saint Simeon, such a serene and beautiful spot, were special discoveries for us and...(our guide)...was not only knowledgeable but also such good company! (We had) such an adept driver that we did not worry about the challenges on the road!

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