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Guido     N/A
"In May this year I had the pleasure to go on a trip to Syria organised by you. This has been an extraordinary experience."
" I have one question: I had a very good and gentle driver by the name of Joseph. I would like to get in contact with Joseph to hear how his life is going, would you mind sending me his mail address?"
" Thank you very much "

Phoebe     N/A
"We had a wonderful trip. What a fascinating country - and we were so pleased to have the chance to see it before the western tourist descends!"
"The organisation was all very smooth - and (Beroia Travel was) very helpful and efficient - particularly as our son decided to join us for some of our trip and everyone was so understanding and helpful, as we tried to alter a few plans."
" Our guide was wonderful, as was our driver."

Kena & Sean     N/A
"We all had a marvelous holiday in Syria and the arrangements you made were perfect. You have made us enthusiastic fans of Syria and of your wonderful company; I hope we can persuade our friends to come and enjoy Syria."
"Please will you pass on our warm regards to Jozef and thank him for all the kindness he showed towards us. He was an outstanding and thoughtful driver. With every good wish and renewed thanks."

Karim     N/A
"Thank you for a very nice time. Mohammed Issa was great and very helpful. I am impressed that he spoke French so nicely! Syria is a wonderful country, and I hope to return again."

Ronald & Glenda     N/A
"We are both still trying to come to terms of the fabulous experience that you and Fadi have given us. Our conception of your beautiful country has changed so much after the tour. Not only the wonderful history and ruins but the arable land that you have under cultivation. The hotels were great and...the driver, Ahmed was a gem. His knowledge and compentance was amazing. We will be returning to your fascinating country more times, but the question for us will be when!! There is so much to see and the people were so friendly and proud of their country. Thank you ever so much for giving us a fantastic trip with so much enjoyment."

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